serena van der woodsen + 4x07

Nate and Serena Appreciation Week (Day Six) Most heartbreaking moment(s): Pilot (deleted scene)

You’re my sister.

Gossip Girl Cast Appreciation Post [2/2]: Female cast members.

Nate and Serena Appreciation Week (Day Five) Favorite scene(s)


“Why’d she leave? Why’d she return? Send me all the deets. And who am I? That’s the secret I’ll never tell. The only one. XOXO. Gossip Girl.”Season 1


make me choose | anonymous asked: Derena or Chair


Fangirl Challenge + [4/10] Female characters: Serena van der Woodsen (Gossip girl)

"I’ll just stay home, eat lots of gelato, and write about how true love is nothing but a myth."

Nate and Serena Appreciation Week (Day Four) Favorite quote(s): “Serena, you’re the most beautiful, amazing, alive person I’ve ever known.”

au: gossip girl set in the 1960s